About Linda

The principal of Into Interiors Inc., Linda Martinus-Naccarato, had a passion for design and sciences at a very young age. Following her father (a prolific teacher when it comes technical challenges), to job sites and lumber yards, Linda found entertainment in electrical and plumbing aisles, and was constantly re-decorating doll houses and friend's rooms. However science prevailed and, following in her mom’s footsteps, Linda completed her degree in Nursing where she practiced for several years in critical care and home care. After moving to British Columbia and taking on a sales manager’s position in hospital capital equipment sales, Linda found herself designing products for the company, all the while helping friends with their construction and décor projects. It wasn't long after her children were born, Linda decided it was time to head back to school and pursue her passion for interior design.

Personal statement

Linda With amazing support from my family, the decision to enter the interior design field came easy. Always the ’keener’ in class, I was finally learning what I wanted to learn, and was able to do what I always wanted to do. I attribute my success not only to my family, but to the amazing clients who call time and time again, from Vancouver to the GTA, to either do a new project for them, or refer me to their colleagues, family, or friends.

Each and every client has been a true gift to me. They are the most important part of each and every day. It would be untrue to say that there are not challenges, but the truth of those challenges is that it makes me a better, smarter, and stronger person, and design professional. It is with utmost gratitude and humility that I practice interior design, it is not a job, it is a passion that I live and breathe. I firmly believe that my clients work hard for their money, and that no money should be spent unwisely. I also believe that my clients are entitled to honesty, fairness, and excellence and as such, I strive to assimilate trades and professionals that will excel at what they do, for my client, all the while maintaining the exceptional standards I believe in.

In supporting local crafts people and manufacturers first, I vehemently believe that the "Made in Canada" / "Made in North America" mantra can not only foster further growth to our economy, but cycle into incomparable service to my client. By employing exceptional trades and crafts people, the client of Into Interiors Inc. can feel confident that every attempt to perfection has been attained, and every attention to detail has been maintained.

The ultimate goal for the client is like falling in love... you don't know what hit you, but when it does, it stays with you forever... you love your space you never want to leave it.